Analysis of the effectiveness of TikTok advertising campaigns

the purpose

Understand the medium characteristics of TikTok and improve operational accuracy

Measures and countermeasures

Create ad sets for each creative type within the same campaign (targeting settings are the same)
→There was a difference of more than twice in CPM between ad sets, so we investigated what influenced CPM.


Number of likesandCPMThere seems to be a correlation between

・From the timing when the number of likes increases per day (on the same day, about the next day)CPM drops drastically
→ “The number of likes increases because the amount of imp increases” loop

・Considering that there is an annotation on the management screen that says ``Performance will improve if you turn on the comment function,'' strictly speaking, it is not the number of likes.Number of reactions including comments and sharesIt is very likely that it is related

・I thought it would be related to the 2-second viewership rate and the 6-second viewership rate, since it is thought that a high viewership rate = good CR due to the characteristics of the medium, but there seems to be no correlation between viewership rate and CPM.
→However,An ad set with a 2-second viewing rate of 30% or more and a clearly higher CR than other ad sets.Since the performance tends to be good, it seems to work as an intermediate indicator to find signs of a successful CR.

・Please see the attached data for details. (Changes in daily CPM and each index for each ad set.)