June 2020 Various media new features NEWS

This is a notice of new functions and new information related to web advertising.


YouTube advertising updates and new tools released

Youtube advertising updates/release of new tools


① TV screen support for brand lift survey

What will you be able to do?

From April 14, 2020, Google released the beta version of "YouTube Video Builder," a tool that allows you to create YouTube advertising videos (6-second, 15-second, and 16-second videos).
Anyone can easily create a YouTube advertising video just by preparing a logo, a few images, and text. Currently, to use the beta version, you must apply using the request form.


②Release of YouTube Video Builder

■What will you be able to do?

From August 21, "Maximize Conversion Value" is now available in Smart Bidding for search campaigns. Maximize Conversion Value allows you to maximize the total conversion value of your campaign within your specified budget.
This is suitable when you sell multiple products with different prices and profit margins and want to maximize sales within your budget.


Integration of food ordering and carousel functions

Ad display options have been updated.


① Food ordering function (Instagram)

■What changes?

*This feature is available for regular posts on Instagram business accounts, not Instagram ads.
If your account uses an Instagram business profile and you are a restaurant that is a member of Uber Eats, TableCheck, Demae-kan, Picks, or Hitosara, you can use the "Order food" stamp in your posts or add an action button to your profile. You can now order food by adding items.
(All accounts launched on May 12, 2020)

② Carousel function integration

■What changes?

Asset customization for placement also supports carousels, and asset customization can also be used for placements such as Instagram Stories. You can also use up to 10 cards in your Instagram Stories carousel ads. (currently 3)

■Implementation date

Scheduled to launch to all accounts the week of June 1, 2020

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