September 2019 NEWS for each media

This is a notice of new functions and new information related to web advertising.


1. Google Ads

Search ads have been updated.

① Expand distribution keywords to similar patterns

■How was it changed?

Until now, ads were only displayed for exact match keywords for search terms with the same meaning as the keyword (similar patterns), but ads were also displayed for search terms with similar patterns for phrase match and narrowed broad match. now.
With new search terms increasing every day, this update helps you reach the right users without having to create an exhaustive list of keywords.

②Example of similar patterns to be expanded

■For partial match narrowing down

・Registered keywords"+Lawn +Mowing +Service"
→Similar patterns that may be distributed
 "Grass mowing gardening service"
"Price mowing service"


■For phrase matching

・Registered keywords""Lawn mowing service""
→Similar patterns that may be distributed
 "Mowing service near me"
"Local weeding service"


Listing Ad Optimization