Comparison of EC sites (amazon/Rakuten) from the customer's point of view

Investigation period/responsibility

  • Survey period: October 9, 2020 to October 30, 2020
  • Person in charge: YK


This time, we will investigate and consider which EC site is easier to use and superior from the customer's point of view. By the way, I'm an Amazon person.

Rakuten and Amazon users

According to the April 2020 Monthly Total report, amazon had the most users in total digital, excluding the duplication of PCs and mobiles, with approximately 52.53 million people using it 44 times a month on average. Rakuten, which had the second largest number, used about 51.38 million people on average 53 times a month, more than Amazon. 5f9b8183e7c4300052d2f38b

Nielsen announces online shopping service usage based on monthly total report of digital content audience rating


Rakuten is an e-commerce site that earns revenue by providing other shops with a sales platform called Rakuten.

Benefits from the user's perspective

・Point return rate
Rakuten's number one advantage is the return rate of points to Rakuten members. Rakuten rewards customers with 1 point for every 100 yen spent on products purchased. As the member's grade increases, the return rate also rises, and if you pay with a Rakuten card, the return rate will rise again, so the return rate is very high. In addition, there are events such as 5 times the points on certain days. Users who mainly use Rakuten will have their eyes on this.

・Reviews are highly credible
Rakuten has a system in which only users who have purchased products can post reviews, so it is highly credible. However, since there are such things as "write a review and get a bonus gift", some users write randomly, so be careful.

・Well stocked with clothes, food, and daily necessities
Rakuten has different website layouts depending on the shop. Therefore, it is easy for users to understand that Rakuten has many ways of expressing clothes, food, and daily necessities.

Disadvantages from the user's point of view

・It takes a long time to receive the product, and the shipping cost is high.
At Rakuten, products are shipped by each shop, so some shops ship quickly and others slow. I will introduce it later on Amazon, but one of the disadvantages is that it costs shipping. However, shipping is free for orders over 3,980 yen (including tax) only at stores that support it.

・It is difficult to see the product page
While you can bring your company's brand to the forefront and explain the details of the product in an easy-to-understand manner, users may find it a little difficult to see.

・Many email magazines
When you purchase a product, you will receive an e-mail magazine. It's up to each individual how they perceive this, but I haven't heard a very good impression. When you buy products on Rakuten, you can uncheck "Receive email newsletters from this shop" by default.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of Rakuten from the user's point of view.


Amazon also manages and sells many products in Amazon warehouses. In addition, we have prepared a place for privately owned stores to sell, and we are profiting from both.

Benefits from the user's perspective

・ Easy-to-understand site
Amazon's site is very easy to read because the information to be displayed is narrowed down and only information that is likely to be necessary for users is posted.

・You can know the arrival date of the product before purchasing
Amazon has a system that lets you know when your item will arrive before you place an order. By the way, shipping is free for purchases over 2,000 yen.

・Enhanced customer service
Amazon's customer service response is very fast, and the waiting time for phone calls and chats is about 1 minute.

・prime member
Amazon has a membership system called Prime membership. There are many advantages to becoming a prime member, such as "free shipping", "express delivery", "prime video", "prime music", "Amazon Photos", "invitation to advance time sale limited to prime members", and "purchase of products at prime limited price". There are various benefits such as However, the annual membership fee is 4,900 yen (tax included) or 500 yen (tax included) per month, so it may be a disadvantage for some people. Home appliances, gadgets, games, toys, etc. are fulfilling On Amazon, genres such as home appliances, gadgets, games, toys, etc. are popular, and these products are fully stocked.

Disadvantages from the user's point of view

Poor point redemption rate
Amazon has a poor return rate of points, and basically without an amazon card, points are not often accumulated.

・Review credibility
Amazon reviews have a review mark attached only to those who have purchased the target product, but there are still reviews that are highly likely to be Sakura. Do your own research instead of relying solely on reviews.

Results of comparing the merits and demerits of Rakuten and Amazon from the user's point of view

・Member service
At Rakuten, membership grades are upgraded according to the number of points earned and the number of times they are used, and depending on the grade, coupons and benefits can be received. On Amazon, by becoming a prime member, you can enjoy "free shipping", "express delivery", "prime video", "prime music", "Amazon Photos", "invitation to prime member-only advance time sale", and "purchase products at prime price". possible.” Rakuten is a good choice for people who shop a lot, raise their membership grade, and receive a lot of points. By becoming a prime member on Amazon, you can get great deals, so if you use Amazon a lot, it would be better to become a member.

In terms of points, it is clear that Rakuten is overwhelmingly more profitable. If you use an amazon card, you can get points, but you can still get more points with Rakuten.

・Site comparison
On Rakuten, each shop has its own product page with its own branding. On Amazon, they all have the same format, so it's easy to see them in the same place.

・Product comparison
Rakuten, which allows you to create original product pages, allows you to describe products in detail, so there are many products such as clothes, food, and daily necessities. Amazon sells many well-known household appliances, gadgets, games, toys, and more.

・User usage count
The reason why Rakuten was used more often is thought to be the large number of events. Both Rakuten and Amazon hold many events, but Rakuten's point return rate is increasing the number of times users use it.

Replace from a management perspective

The above is Rakuten and Amazon from the user's point of view. So, if you are going to open a store on an EC site from now on, which one is better?

Rakuten is recommended if you have knowledge of EC sites and LPs, and can store inventory, process orders, deliver, and respond to inquiries. If you make good use of Rakuten, you can maximize your brand power and set yourself apart from your competitors. In addition, EC consultants specializing in online shops will support you, so it will be very useful for setting up a sales strategy. There are many events, and if you can create a strategy for each event and acquire new customers and secure repeat customers, sales will increase steadily.

If you are a beginner, we recommend Amazon, which has a template and applies it to it. In addition, if it is difficult for you to store inventory, process orders, deliver, or respond to inquiries by yourself, and you cannot allocate resources, there is a sales agency service "FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)". This is a service in which Amazon takes care of everything from product storage to order processing, delivery, and customer service related to returns, simply by leaving the product at Amazon's distribution center (fulfillment center). If you are a beginner, it is easier to make a profit by using amazon, which allows you to work with less effort. I explained earlier that home appliances, gadgets, games, and toys are popular on Amazon, but Amazon has a service called "Regular Discount Delivery". This is a service that allows regular deliveries of products such as daily necessities to users who have purchased them. There are conditions for this, such as "FBA shipment", "the seller's performance index is above a certain level", and "the product is within the target category". .