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Video chat is now commonplace, but in the beginning, there was a time when there was only text chat, and since then it has evolved into voice chat, where you can make calls, and video chat where you can see the other person's face.
As it has evolved, the amount of information that can be exchanged has increased dramatically.
Various video chat services are making use of these technologies in business, such as customer service and internal meetings.
I think that online English conversation services such as, online preparatory schools, and live chat services in the adult industry are generally famous.
Regarding such a video chat service, we investigated the development status of existing rival players in Japan and summarized what we considered about utilization plans.
The target of the survey was not the type to be installed on a personal computer like Skype, but narrowed down to the one that can be completed only with a browser.

Investigation of development status of existing rival players

We will divide them into three types.

web video conference type

This is a service that completes a web conference using only a browser.
When it comes to web conferencing, it is an image that you need to gather in a conference room with a dedicated camera, high-performance microphone speaker, etc., and install software in advance, but these services are basically used only by logging in. can do.


・Regarding the fee structure, there are three patterns: pay-as-you-go, high initial cost + low monthly fee, low initial cost + reasonable monthly fee
・All services have a trial period of about 2 weeks
・In addition to meetings, the companies that have introduced it use it for training, lectures, presentations, etc.

SOBA Mieruka Cloud,v-cube,MORA Video Conference,Live On, and various other services.
There are many functions, such as screen sharing and sharing a whiteboard where you can draw freely, to simple ones with only video chat + text chat, but by adding options, the minimum necessary functions are in place.
It seems that the most suitable service for the user will be determined by the purpose of use, the number of bases, the frequency of use, etc.
There are also plenty of comparison sites for this category.

Site deployment type

This is a service to provide more support to customers on EC sites, etc.
Mainly by incorporating javascript etc. into the existing site, you can easily realize communication with customers by video chat.


・ Anyway, it is easy to introduce
・Compatible with each device
・Can be used for multiple purposes

Glue Support,SOBA Framework CloudAnd so on, text chat support is often seen on Japanese sites, and so is VisitorOptimizer.
However, taking one step further and becoming a video chat is a rare sight.
Since video chat can be easily incorporated into existing services, the degree of freedom is very high, but a certain amount of development and technical capabilities are also required.
Even if you can offer video chat in one bite, it does not mean that you can provide everything you want.
When using this type, it is important to draw a clear line between whether the chat room-related mechanism is provided or whether it is only the video chat part.

Free service type


・Immediate service available
・Mostly completely free
・At the same time as getting feedback as a service, it functions as a sales tool

if in JapanBizMee βor1 meeting, became a pioneer of video chat,vline.comThere are many such types.
Simply create a meeting room, share a link and start video chatting instantly.
There are occasional services with advertisements, but basically all functions are free.
By publishing these sites and testing the sound quality, image quality, and each function, and appealing their technical capabilities to the outside, it seems that they are also functioning as sales tools that lead to the development of their own services. .

■Summary of deployment status survey

Of the three types, I thought that the site introduction type had the greatest potential for growth.
The reason is that the possibilities expand when combined with system construction.
In addition, in the previous examples, we will apply the technology that was once converted into a service, such as GlueSupport and (Glue Co., Ltd.), SOBA Mieruka Cloud and SOBA Framework Cloud (SOBA Project Co., Ltd.). I think this will increase the speed of deploying multiple services.

Examination of sales target industries and use case proposals

As I mentioned at the beginning, the progress of technology is remarkable, but along with that, the initial investment cost for introducing video chat has been greatly reduced compared to the early days when video chat began to be introduced.
Since users just need to use the service, there is no need to develop applications, and there is no need to hire technicians who are familiar with video chat for maintenance.
The barriers to video chat adoption are dropping every day.
However, we believe that there are still many fields that have not yet been utilized, and that there is great potential.
I would like to explain in detail two of the advantages that can be obtained by using video chat.

Bringing change to web communication

Here are just a few of the benefits of being able to talk face-to-face via video chat.

・Compared to e-mail and text chat, there is overwhelmingly more information, and detailed nuances can be conveyed.

The more information you can convey, the faster you can respond to customer requests.

・Easier to convey intentions through facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language

Even if the content is the same, the way it is conveyed will change if you explain it face-to-face and include gestures.
As an aside, it seems that body language is the biggest point to spot the lies that people are telling.
It is said that one of the reasons why scams are so persistent is that they cannot see body language on the phone.
It is thought that sincerity can be conveyed more by actually seeing the speaker.
As a result, a sense of trust and familiarity is born, and trust in the person in charge and the company is born.

A specific example of utilizing these features is customer service on EC sites.
It is becoming common overseas for EC sites to have live chat, but in Japan there are still few introduction examples.
In Japan, there are examples of services being introduced in the cosmetics industry, such as Shiseido's "Watashi Plus" and "IPSA".
Unlike in actual stores, it is basically not possible to try on items on the e-commerce site, but by using video chat, it is possible to check before purchasing items that cannot be seen or are difficult to understand just by looking at the product description on the website. , can prevent mismatches when actually purchasing.
In addition, by combining with a customer management system, etc., it is possible to make proposals to customers based on product information they have purchased in the past. br /> Of course, it can also be used for after-sales service after purchase.

Eliminates the need to open stores in crowded areas

Another major feature is that it is not affected by physical distance.

・ Realization of remote work and telecommuting

As long as you have a computer, a camera, and a microphone, you can provide services from the comfort of your own home.
You can create an environment where even housewives and the elderly can easily send messages.

・It is possible to expand the reach of attracting customers without being limited by physical distance

There is no need to set up a store in the city center, and there is no need to open a store in front of the station where the rent is high.
By using video chat, you can significantly reduce the cost of attracting customers because you can choose the location.

These features seem to be compatible with trouble consultation services such as professionals, counselors, and fortune tellers.
You can easily create an atmosphere by using one room in your home and decorating only the area shown in the video.
Customers also have the advantage of being able to talk to the person they really want to talk to without worrying about physical distance.

■Summary of consideration of case studies

I think video chat can be used in any field depending on the idea. In addition, technical barriers such as WebRTC will be lowered, and it is thought that more companies will enter the development in the future.
Rather than simply introducing video chat, we can increase the added value by building a site together with production and system development and contributing to attracting customers by utilizing our know-how in advertising operations. .

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