Why aren't my followers growing? Points for using Instagram

Person in charge/survey period

・ Person in charge: AT
・Survey period: January 20-29, 2021

the purpose

“I have created and managed an Instagram account, but my followers are not growing at all.”

Many companies are troubled by such Instagram account management,
Each industry has different problems, but I think the roots are the same.

Therefore, when operating an Instagram account,

Why aren't my followers growing?
・What should I post?
・Why do you use Instagram in the first place?

In order to solve these problems,
We will compare the accounts of our clients and those of our competitors and utilize them in our future measures.

Why Instagram Marketing Matters

As of June 2019, the number of monthly active accounts in Japan is 33 million.
The usage rate by age group is media used by 60% of people in their teens and 20s.
In recent years, the usage rate of people in their 30s to 50s is also on the rise.

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The usage status of Instagram varies from a place of visual communication centered on photos and videos,
It has evolved into a platform closely related to daily life that creates action.

Instagram is more difficult to spread information than other SNS,
It is characterized by the presence of a large number of small but strongly connected groups of users (communities).

Users use Instagram in many ways to discover information, so targeting accuracy is high,
It can facilitate the discovery of brands that match the user's interests.

That's why more and more businesses are creating and managing accounts to use Instagram marketing.

Purpose of Instagram account operation

When operating an Instagram account, it is important to understand Instagram's mission.

Instagram's mission is to bring you closer to the people you care about and the things you love.

Based on this mission, Instagram will:
Measure “high interest in content” and “connection between accounts” as signals,
It is announced that it is used for algorithms.

Therefore, it is important for corporate accounts to have more users interested and favored.

It became a big topic as the 2017 buzzword award "Instagrammable",
Instagram is now a familiar app that is closer to our daily lives.

Enhance functions such as shopping function and discovery tab (search function) so that it can be completed within Instagram,
It is necessary to understand it on the premise that it has evolved into a tool that is indispensable to users' daily lives.

According to an Instagram user survey of women aged 20-35,
It is said that more than 70% of people search for hashtags on Instagram when there is a product or service they want.

An increasing number of users are using Instagram when considering purchasing products.

Understanding user characteristics

Next to Instagram's mission is to understand the behavior and psychology of real users.
You need to know how users use Instagram and what they want.

Also, what does the corporate account want to convey through Instagram?
A clear purpose is important.

Depending on the purpose, the approach will be different.
Once decided, it is important to communicate without changing the direction as much as possible.

“How to show” and appeal content that match the characteristics of the product

When sending information on Instagram, understand the characteristics of products and brands,
The key is how to connect to visuals and content that attract users' attention.

Even if the product itself is not Instagrammable,
You can also approach with indirect appeal instead of direct appeal.

Indirectly appealing to customers is to let them imagine the experience through visuals that show how the product is used.
It is important to motivate users.


When you look at a photo or video, make it feel like you want to experience it yourself, as if you were telling yourself.
From actions on tools such as likes, comments, and shares,
It is important to lead to the action of actually purchasing the product.

Current client cases and competitive analysis

Based on these
The current status of our client M company’s Instagram account management,
After comparing Company O, which is our competitor, we would like to discover issues that lead to improvement measures in the future.

M Co., Ltd. had a significant decrease in the number of followers after the campaign measures,
The goal is 10,000 followers, but the problem is that it is decreasing day by day.

From the analysis of Instagram accounts, I thought that there were two main issues.

① Interests do not match the target group
The current post content is difficult to see the user's life background,
It is difficult to imagine actually picking up the product and using it.

It's hard to see who the post is for.

As an improvement measure, it is necessary to understand the background of what kind of situation the user is using.

It would be better to convey a specific person, place, and appeal that matches the situation.

② Failure to build communication in line with Instagram's mission
Users have fewer opportunities to take action on their accounts,
Because we have not been able to build a connection between users and accounts,
I think that they lost interest in the account and it led to a decrease in followers.

As an improvement measure, increase opportunities to communicate with users,
It is important to expand the community with users through products.

First of all, prepare your profile, organize the highlight function of the story,
Use content such as polling features and emoji sliders.

11,000 followers, difference from competing accounts

O Co., Ltd. has 11,000 followers on Instagram.
The number of followers of M Co., Ltd. is currently 9764 people.

There are about 300 more followers and 10,000 followers, but since the decrease continues after the campaign measures,
It is difficult to reach 10,000 people.

The feature of O Corporation's account is that although the number of profile contents is small,
Image unification of feed photos has been done.

Enhancing your profile is the most important thing, but the image you want to convey to users is
You can see that it resonates with the target layer through the feed.
In addition, it has a way of communicating that includes appeals that match the image and location of the user group and the situation.


In the future, based on the Instagram mission, with the aim of getting people to like our products more,
First of all, I would like to propose a measure to solve the problem in order to keep 10,000 followers.

By using Instagram content as much as possible,
I would like to expand the construction of communication with users.

First of all, start by enriching the profile that is easy to catch the eye of the first user,
Such as stocking the story as a highlight,
We want to deliver useful information to users through the shortest route.

And so that we can build a community where users and accounts can communicate,
I would like to make proposals to solve problems while always catching the latest information on Instagram.


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