Marketing Department S・O [New graduate hired in April 2018]



■ Reason for joining the company
The reason I decided to join the company was because I felt intuitively that it was an environment where I could grow.
Before joining the company, I had the opportunity to talk with the employees, and I felt that there were many employees that I respect and are passionate about their work.
I decided to join the company because I felt that I could grow in this environment.

■ Optimizer in one word
All soccer


Q. Please tell us about your current work

I am an account planner in the marketing department.
We will work with your business to resolve your marketing issues.
We work every day to solve problems.

Q.What is important to you in your work?

The most important thing in my work is client-first.
My role is to expand our clients' businesses and services.
In order to always maximize client's business and services,
I am thinking about what I should do and working on it.