Marketing Division Manager M.K [New graduate hired in April 2013]



■ Reason for joining the company
The whole company felt young and energetic

■ Optimizer in one word
fierce group


Q. Please tell us about your current work

I am currently in the Medical Sector of the Marketing Division, and I am mainly in charge of advertisers for beauty clinics and beauty salons.
The content of my work is to propose the optimal advertising measures for the problems of advertisers, and to solve the problems of advertisers as much as possible.

Specifically, I want to increase sales, attract new customers, raise the profile of the clinic,
There are various challenges and worries, such as wanting to make an announcement because I'm going to do a campaign. So the most important thing is what is the plan for the customer,
I always think about this part and visit every day.

Also, when we visit new advertisers, we make appointments over the phone. beauty clinic,
Due to the nature of the industry, it is often difficult to connect with the person in charge or the director.
I am very happy when I can contribute to the sales of the clinic, and I feel that it is worthwhile.

Q. Advantages that only this is unbeatable

I think my strong point is that I'm in a good mood... I think some people wonder if it's an advantage,
I myself think that it is an advantage that no one can beat. When I got an appointment or received an order from an advertiser, I became very positive in terms of feelings.
The synergistic effect makes me more energetic at work. Also, I don't think anyone can stop me when my private life is enriched.
I can say this not only to myself, but also to my superiors and seniors in the company, and I can say that people who continue to produce results at work always have a fulfilling private life.

On the other hand, my emotions are intense, so I sometimes cause trouble for advertisers, and when I can't contribute, I feel depressed.
However, I am very encouraged when my peers and colleagues on the same team talk to me. Because I have friends like this, I can take advantage of my strengths,
I want to liven up the atmosphere.