Marketing Division Sub Manager N・M [Joined new graduate in April 2012]



■ Reason for joining the company
The reason was that I could empathize with the president's way of thinking.
I was attracted to his enthusiasm and way of thinking.

■ Optimizer in one word


Q. Please tell us about your current work

My main job is to propose web measures to clients and support them in increasing their sales profits.
I belong to the "Medical Sector" of the Marketing Division, and conduct sales activities for clients who operate cosmetics sales companies and clinics.

We visit each client every day, listen to their issues and characteristics, and propose web measures that match the client. When we conclude a contract with a client, it does not end with the introduction of the service, but rather the beginning. We make regular visits once or twice a month to present the results of web measures and suggest improvement measures, and strive to meet our clients' expectations with results.

Q. A memorable project (event)

In my second month at Optimizer, I was involved in a customer attraction project for ``Bulk Moving Estimates,'' and was able to attract 3,000 customers in a month. I was very moved when a client told me that they were truly grateful. I was able to contribute to attracting a major client in my second month of joining the company.
Even as a new employee, I was able to gain success experience within a few months, which greatly contributed to my personal growth.

Before I actually joined the company, I didn't have a clear idea of what the job entailed, but I think Optimizer is a place where you can accumulate successes one by one and improve your skills.