Employee voice

Career model as "WEB strategy consulting"


Sales Division/Joined in 2007 

An optimizer that proposes a total web strategy from the consumer's point of view. In order to give you a concrete image of your career in this field as much as possible, a senior employee who has been with us for three years has appeared. He talks about the present, the secret to fulfillment and growth, and the future image he is drawing.


We make strategic proposals to realize the “growth” of our clients, including major companies.

It has been 11 years since I joined our company, and now I am in charge of about 50 clients such as human resource service companies and various schools in the field of "human", which is one of the company's business domains, and I have been doing web strategy consulting.

I have now taken on a responsible position and have grown to manage the entire sales division.

There are various methods of Internet advertising. A major feature of our company is that we do not simply "sell" this method as a "product", but rather combine it freely based on our thorough knowledge of the characteristics of each method and propose a comprehensive "solution." It can be said that the starting point of our work is not "products" but "client issues".

We often say things like 'meet the client's needs', but for us this is not enough. This is because there are many cases in which the client himself does not have a clear understanding of the problem.
In addition to the content of the client's products and services, we analyze the target demographics of the products and services, and the orientation of the target. It is necessary to "discover issues" from a professional point of view.
Then, we share those issues with our clients and propose effective strategies.

Rather than simply selling something, I think the real pleasure of this job is the feeling that we are creating the process together with the client toward their “growth” and goals. I am very happy when I implement the process and see results, for example, when people thank me for saying, "I made a big improvement from the previous year."
A major feature of the advertising strategy that utilizes the web is that advertising results can be clearly seen compared to existing methods such as magazines and mass media. That's why there are some tough aspects, but we are able to "verify" advertising results by operating our own media, so I feel that we can make proposals to clients with confidence.
In addition, all the results are accumulated as case studies, and the realization that the accumulation becomes "knowledge" unique to our company also makes the work worthwhile.


Start from inexperienced. Fulfilling encounters inside and outside the company made me who I am today

I'm sure some of you have some knowledge about Internet advertising, but when I joined the company, I was a complete "blank slate".
I was only thinking, "I should make a site."

After joining our company, in addition to business etiquette during new employee training, senior employees thoroughly taught me the characteristics of various advertising methods.
Furthermore, it goes without saying that “on-site experience” is essential in order to “own” such knowledge and convey it to clients in “your own words”.
In my first year, I visited many clients with my seniors and learned practically about each case.

Of course, even now, in my 11th year with the company, my growth is still ongoing.
Thanks to you, I am in contact with people in charge of major companies, so there is an infinite amount of things I can learn from the workplace.
Of course, when clients ask me for advice as a professional, I have to give a proper answer, not just "I'm learning from them."
In order to have older people listen to us, in addition to knowledge, building a relationship of trust is the key.
For that reason, we keep in mind the position of the person in charge in the company, and value the attitude of thinking together to achieve the person's mission and goals.

I believe that by continuing to make proposals with this kind of attitude, we can build a relationship of trust.
Our company is a company where professionals related to web strategy gather, and I think that the knowledge of our seniors overwhelms other companies.
We are a company of a scale where we can all see each other's faces, and our style of communication is open.


Sublime your personality into expertise. Aiming to be a professional who opens up the future of web strategy

The field in which we are developing our business is a field where the speed of evolution is tremendous.
Even for devices, the situation is changing dramatically, such as the penetration of smartphones and tablet PCs.
In order to respond speedily to these changes and improve our professional knowledge in the still immature field of "WEB strategy", we must not stand still.
By accumulating more knowledge and experience, we will be able to provide consulting services for client strategy formulation from the point of view of the position of web strategy within the overall "marketing and advertising strategy" that includes media and methods other than the web. I want to exist.

At the same time, we do not want to lose the “perspective as a consumer,” which is the foundation of our business.
For that reason, I try to raise my antenna high in my daily life and try to hone my sensibilities.
For example, when I work with the female staff at our company, I am often surprised by the thought, "I see, there are people who think that way!" Of course, there are also women among the "sei-katsu-sha," and people with diverse personalities and backgrounds are also included.
That is why I think we need a diverse range of people in order to further increase the value of our business.
From this point of view, I think that our company is a field where you can take advantage of your “personality” and sublimate it into “expertise” as a web strategy professional.

Since we are a small company, we believe that you will be given responsible work from a young age and will gain in-depth experience, and in a short period of time, you will acquire the skills and knowledge to speak on an equal footing with people from major companies.
Working with a positive attitude and open-mindedness, and acting with the desire to grow, I would like to continue to improve myself while being inspired by such juniors.




Message to all students

[From the person]
I am also involved in the field of human resources business at work, but I feel that there is no correct answer that says, "If you choose a job or company based on this standard, you will definitely succeed."
But one thing I feel is that it would be better to expand the frontage of information gathering.
I myself was the same, but I think that the view of the corporate world when I was a student was quite one-sided.
I think that the first thing to do is to learn about various businesses and companies in various industries in order to deepen your knowledge through job hunting.
If so, there may be new discoveries. 

[From the boss (division manager)]
For students, our business field may be unfamiliar.
The field of web strategy still has a short history, and for that reason, professionals are rare.
For that reason, I think there is a big chance for those who are starting from now on.
Thinking about the future, for example, even if your lifestyle changes, I would like you to consider working as a professional.
When it comes to job hunting, it is said that the situation is tough.
I believe that we can discover encounters that pave the way to the future by grasping things and acting in a straightforward, honest, and positive manner.


University of senior employees


  • University of Tokyo
  • Komazawa University
  • Nippon Sport Science University
  • Hosei University
  • Aoyama Gakuin University
  • Nihon University
  • Daito Bunka University
  • Ryukoku University
  • Rissho University
  • Meiji Gakuin University
  • Momoyama Gakuin University
  • Takachiho University of Commerce
  • Musashino Art University