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17 consecutive years of profitable growth since its founding!

Optimizer has achieved 16 consecutive years of revenue growth since its founding, moving from the middle stage to the later stage. We have diversified our business portfolio, creating added value that other companies do not have, and achieving a high level of profit structure and stable growth, rather than the ordinary loss ratio that is typical of web advertising agencies. We are moving forward with the execution of our management plan toward the next stage by transforming funds, human resources, and services into growth engines.

In fiscal 2022, the 18th year since our founding, we will maintain an aggressive stance and accelerate innovation through optimization.


market and us

According to the Nikkei Advertising Research Institute's 2016 Internet advertising market size estimate survey, smartphone advertising spending continues to grow to 647.6 billion yen, with 124% year-on-year growth in 2017 to 801.0 billion yen, and video advertising spending of 86.9 billion yen in 2017. In 2019, it is expected to be 141%, or 122.4 billion yen, compared to the previous year.

Due to the spread of smartphones and tablet terminals, etc., the market size is expanding due to the expansion of performance-based advertising, including search-linked advertising. Advertisers' evaluation of and expectations for Internet advertising are also increasing, and it is believed that Internet advertising will continue to hold a certain position in the future.

According to Yano Research Institute, the affiliate advertising market is expected to expand to 350 billion yen in fiscal 2020. As for the future outlook, the speed of growth in the industry is expected to slow down rapidly, and we anticipate that there will be a large gap in the superiority of major companies.

Services that have reached a maturity phase are spurring excessive competition, shifting from commoditization to a battle for differentiation, and finally to overseas expansion, and the selection of capital power has begun. In the future, abundant capital and product differentiation will make the "expansion of disparities between companies" apparent, and strategies for survival will determine growth in the mature stage. In addition to thorough cost reduction and operational efficiency improvement, the difference in product planning ability and marketing ability to avoid competition is directly linked to growth and profit margin. We believe that it is important to execute business strategies steadily to maintain growth that exceeds that of our competitors, and to aggressively invest in the future with a high level of profit margin.

Optimization area ~ business connection ~

"Optimize" is an approach that seeks to streamline economic activities and reduce costs in a diversifying information society.

We are developing our business centered on optimization through marketing. Utilizing this core competence, we have expanded the fields of overseas distribution, energy, and information communication, as well as commercialization areas. In the future, we will strengthen our business areas and take on challenges in new fields in order to move to a further stage.