Career path human resource development

Definition of human resources

At Optimizer, our basic human resources policy is as follows.
The management team, superiors, and colleagues work together to develop each employee's career and human resources.

Develop people's talents and strengths and improve performance



Human resources policy

Our personnel policy is not a "meritocracy" that thoroughly pursues results.
As a business that deals with marketing that creates the future of society, we emphasize the ``virtue'' of devoting ourselves to ``the good of the world and the people.''
We believe that social evaluation is gathering gratitude both directly and indirectly from inside and outside the company.


Regardless of age, experience and ability do not necessarily guarantee results. Even if you have the ability, depending on your ``thinking'', the result will be negative. Also, without enthusiasm, it will be difficult to move the hearts of others.
At Optimizer, we believe that it is necessary to pursue results as well as personal growth.
Instead of blaming someone else, if you change yourself, the result will change. The environment changes. I will be loved.
If you speak your thoughts passionately with the right ideas, you can move many people.
We are looking for like-minded people who can control their own selfish ways of thinking and improve each other's humanity.

Life/work results = mindset x enthusiasm x ability

Based on this philosophy, Optimizer aims to be an organization that pursues "ideas" and "human growth."


Rating system

In addition to following the company's performance goals, we also set personal goals every quarter and aim to achieve them.
Personal goals are set on two axes, quantitative and qualitative, and evaluations are determined by comparing self-evaluation and company evaluation, and after approval by the board of directors.
Quantitative evaluation is a temporary reward, and qualitative evaluation is a basic calculation using human ability as an optimizer as an evaluation index.
We pursue "No. 1" as a personal goal so that the company's behavioral guidelines and evaluations intersect, and we support individuals and organizations to improve their social evaluations.


Utilize original internal SNS

At our company, we have created an environment for our original groupware "Social Optimizer", which is a common platform for all employees and focuses on achieving personnel and organizational goals.
It is a communication tool that supports each other's career through SNS functions that allow you to check your personal goals, team, organization, and company-wide goals on a daily basis, and share personal goals, who you want to be, and company events. . Employees can also directly express their wishes for consultation regarding career paths and personnel changes.

About motivation

Motivation is defined not as ``willingness'' but as ``worth doing work.''
We pursue development management based on the ``mental processes'' such as ``denial → escape → repulsion → conflict → inquiry → selection → decision → independence'' and the ``emotional engine'' as motivation.
In addition, we are working to create an organization based on interactions in which we treat each other with "consideration and thoughtfulness," rather than treating them as things that should be provided.


career growth curve


It is rare for someone to be able to grow their career steadily from their debut as a working adult. Growth, stagnation, failure, etc., are repeated setbacks.
You shouldn't get discouraged by one or two failures, because failure allows you to change your ways and lead to success. Furthermore, even if you fail, if you do not investigate the cause of the failure or do not try to improve your methods, you will repeat the same failures and will not grow.
I believe that career development is not simply about deepening your expertise or expanding your field, but rather how you avoid getting stuck in the direction of stagnation or failure.
In fact, there are many cases where seniors are experiencing similar problems during the growth process.
At Optimizer, we support management from the management side so that they can avoid this "career trap" as an organizational effort.



As part of our support for employee growth, we partner with external educational institutions. The curriculum is extensive, and employees are free to participate after regular hours and on Saturdays and Sundays.
Now you can. There is a variety of content, from job-related to management and management, so you can receive training that suits your individual needs.
Additionally, we frequently hold study sessions focused on products and technology within our company, providing many opportunities for learning.
In new graduate education, we are working to overcome bottlenecks by breaking down processes and KPIs, based on OJT, role play, and how to use time.