Optimizer where members gather and do things

Not only "work" but "things to share"

Communication is the key to working.
In order to aim for No. 1 together, we are planning and implementing many in-house events as a place to understand each other and enhance communication.

Annual Policy Kickoff (New Year's Party)

Optimizer's year begins here.
This is a place where representatives look back on the previous fiscal year for each division and announce their plans and strategies for the new fiscal year.
The previous year's team and individual awards will also be held here.
This is the most important event where everyone can share their thoughts for the new year.

first visit of the year to a shrine

At the beginning of work, all employees visit the New Year.
Visit Hie Shrine, which has been around for 10 years since the company was founded.
Some of the employees have renewed their spirits and pledged in their hearts their resolutions for the year.

entrance ceremony

The joining ceremony is a place to meet new friends.
The pleasant tension of new employees is very refreshing.
Senior employees are also motivated.
New employees are the main characters at the welcome party for new employees!
Senior employees celebrate their debut as a member of society with excitement.
You can relax your tension in planning with ideas.

New employee training

After joining the company, new employees will undergo new graduate training for about three weeks.
From etiquette classes to the basics of web marketing, through workshops where teamwork is the key, your journey as an optimizer starts here.
New graduates also show us their reliable appearance every year.


Not only employees, but also their families participate, bringing home-made dishes and plum wine, and playing games and games unique to the outdoors.
Can you discover a new side of the members unexpectedly?

Summer festival

In the summer, there is an Optimizer Summer Festival where you can enjoy the festival atmosphere. Enjoy a full-fledged summer festival with yo-yo fishing, watermelon splitting, and cold shaved ice.

Informal formula

An informal ceremony for new graduates held in October every year.
With the growth of the company, our company is also increasing the number of new graduates.
When you get a job offer certificate and realize that you will be a member of society from April.
Even though she looks tense, her heart is full of power and hope.

year-end party

"Interesting things and surprises! Optimizer man is what you can do here!"
The Optimizer will put all its effort into the year-end party, the biggest in-house event.
Innovative projects are held with ideas unique to new graduates.
The prizes are getting more luxurious every year, and the spirit of the employees is also different.