optimizer man

Optimizer is an organization of like-minded people who aspire to be first-class business people.

We not only pursue service, technology, and marketing capabilities, but also uphold the ideal image of an “optimizer man” in order to make our “personality” the most valued in the IT industry.

We face our own inadequacies, transform ourselves, refine our virtues, and create the future together with our customers. ”

Thinking as an optimizer man

  • Attitude to deepen and refine humanity through “work”
  • to be grateful
  • Keep promises, don't lie, don't abandon commitments
  • Have a spirit of cooperation and sharing to try to do good work with colleagues
  • Be full of goodwill and social contribution
  • Don't say "I can't", always be positive and positive, have positive thoughts and be constructive
  • caring and kind, caring heart
  • High level of perspective to think from the consumer's point of view
  • Strong empathy from the perspective of customers and partners
  • Not selfish, greedy or arrogant
  • Having a mind that "knows enough"
  • Recognizing immaturity, earnest, humble, and honest efforts
  • Honesty that can be reported without concealing things that are difficult to say, such as failures and blunders
  • Being able to discipline yourself and having that standard
  • Have a heart to admire and learn from success and character, instead of being envious of others
  • Do not have a scornful and anti-social attitude, but have a heart to serve "for the sake of society and people."
  • Thinking that complaining and gossiping are shameful acts
  • Have ears to listen, an honest heart, and a heart of reflection
  • Be able to respect colleagues and business partners as equal personalities
  • Self-control to respect human dignity, such as sexual harassment and power harassment
  • Handle shared and public property, company assets and equipment with care
  • Turning a blind eye, acquiescence, and indifference are shameful acts
  • To be able to face yourself and change your thoughts without blaming others for things that go wrong
  • Willingness to accept ``I said'', ``I didn't hear'', and ``I didn't know'' as excuses
  • Understanding and complying with organization/company rules


optimizermanHow to proceed with the work of

We believe that "Ho-Ren-So" is the most basic behavior to build a relationship of trust when working in cooperation with customers and colleagues.

As a premise, "not listening" = "not working", it is required to assume and listen and confirm.


Report by email only×

hide the inconvenience× 

Customer/boss asks about progress×

progressteethbefore being askedReport in good faith ◎


Personal contact after the deadline ×

Considerate contact with customers and colleagues before the deadline ○

How to consult

Hear the answer ×

Predict the answer, think of a plan, and propose ○

Predict the answer, consider plan A, plan B and propose ◎

Counseling ability

Consultation after the promised deadline ×

Consultation just before the promised deadline △

Consultation with time to spare ○


how to work

accept think about how to proceed put together a draft get approval Execute report

hearing ability

commitment power

Thinking power

Setup power

Editing power

Ability to execute


speed force

Trajectory correction force

baton touch force
"Repeat" and confirm the request content and schedule (man-hours) inertial system.

think for yourself

・Customers (users)
from the perspective of

・From the viewpoint of No.1

・From the viewpoint of social norms and logic

・Ancient Wisdom
From (books, data, internet)

・Senior (department)
from the perspective of

・From a management perspective

Draft Plan A and Plan B.

Compile a draft of the process and schedule.

Obtain approval of the procedure from the approver and requester.

 ・Check with the client if there are any differences in the 1/3 progress stage

⇒ Correction/confirmation

・Confirm again with the client whether there are any discrepancies at the progress stage of 2/3.

⇒ Correction/confirmation

・Check the completeness twice at the progress stage of 3/3.

Propose support for the completion report and next action, and check if there is anything that can be done. 

"I can't" taboo!

It is important to commit to when the draft will be reported or completed

     Don't listen to the answer without drafting anything yourself.  After completing the work, we not only check it, but also envision the client's next action and think about what we can do.  

Optimizerman's Actions and Others

Be fashionable!

Accurate instructions and reports!

Be responsible for the work you have been asked to do!

Be good at organizing!

Sexual harassment and power harassment will not be tolerated!

Greet with a loud voice when entering and leaving the office!

All the information I learned at work is confidential!

Make a good impression in business negotiations!

Good question, good listener!

Be good at hospitality!

Use correct Japanese!

Handle the phone politely!

First of all, I apologize for "making you uncomfortable" for the customer's complaint!

Use documents to get the job done accurately and quickly!