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2023 will be the year we grow as a team Since its establishment in 2005, Optimizer has continued to grow in the black for 18 consecutive years. With the vision of “optimizing the world”, we have grown day by day as a company that optimizes customer attraction, optimizes infrastructure, and provides innovative technology experiences. I believe that we have been able to continue to grow as a company to this point as a result of valuing the growth and teamwork of each and every employee. Instead of working individually, we face customers as a team, solve problems as a team, and create value as a team...
Message from the President
Value Created by Optimizer I have a dream. For that reason, each employee inherits the DNA of realizing optimization of the optimizer, and grows up to be an entrepreneur so that he can provide services that will please many consumers as the president and management team as the operating company is launched. I need to get it. In the world, there are many cases where information is not organized systematically and the place where product/service providers and consumers meet is not matched. The optimizer creates value by optimizing that distortion.
3 business divisions
Energy Business Department Business description We provide total support from electricity retailing to new entry consulting and business acceleration integrated management system for electricity retailing, business license acquisition, supply and demand management, business design and BPO. . Strengths of the Business Division Our strengths are the innovation of core operations using our in-house developed “Energy Management SaaS: Ene Partner Series” and the ability to provide a wide range of DX measures and services that meet customer needs flexibly. AimBusiness start-up consulting…
optimizer man
Optimizer is an organization of like-minded people who aspire to be first-class business people. We not only pursue service, technology, and marketing capabilities, but also uphold the ideal image of an “optimizer man” in order to make our “personality” the most valued in the IT industry. We face our own inadequacies, transform ourselves, refine our virtues, and create the future together with our customers. The way of thinking as an optimizer man The attitude of trying to deepen and refine humanity by “working” Having a grateful heart About…
Career path human resource development
Definition of HR In Optimizer, the following is the basic policy of HR. The management team, superiors, and colleagues work together to face each and every employee and work on career development and human resource development. A personnel policy that enhances human talent and human power to improve performanceOur personnel policy is not a meritocracy that thoroughly pursues results. As a business that deals with marketing that creates the future of society, we emphasize the "virtue" of working "for the world and for people." Collecting “thank you” from inside and outside the company, whether directly or indirectly, is social criticism.
Optimizer "work" where members gather and do things, but also "things to share" Communication is important when working. In order to aim for No. 1 together, we are planning and implementing many in-house events as a place to understand each other and enhance communication. Annual Policy Kick-off (New Year's Party) Optimizer's year begins here. This is a place where representatives look back on the previous fiscal year for each division and announce their plans and strategies for the new fiscal year. Last year's team and individual awards are here...
Employee voice
Career model as "Web strategy consulting" Director Sales Department / Joined in 2007 Optimizer who proposes total web strategy from the consumer's point of view. In order to give you a concrete image of your career in this field as much as possible, a senior employee who has been with us for three years has appeared. He talks about the present, the secret to fulfillment and growth, and the future image he is drawing. We make strategic proposals to realize the “growth” of clients, including major companies. It has been 11 years since I joined our company, and I am currently involved in the company’s business…
future image
17 consecutive years of profitable growth since its founding! Optimizer has achieved 16 consecutive years of revenue growth since its founding, moving from the middle stage to the later stage. We have diversified our business portfolio, creating added value that other companies do not have, and achieving a high level of profit structure and stable growth, rather than the ordinary loss ratio that is typical of web advertising agencies. We are proceeding with the execution of our management plan toward the next stage by transforming funds, human resources, and services into growth engines. In fiscal 2022, the 18th year since our founding, we will continue to take a proactive stance and improve our business through optimization.
About benefits
We support our employees throughout the year with a worry-free welfare system. Self-growth/in-house study sessions We hold regular in-house study sessions on various themes such as digital marketing, management, and business etiquette in order to provide first-hand information that is difficult to convey through books and web news alone. We sometimes invite experts from outside the company, and play a role in strengthening and sharing know-how within the company.・External training Implemented self-development support using external employee training institutions and online learning services. You can share the information you learned in the training with those around you, and share it with others.
desired figure
Optimizers are looking for, for example, the following people: People who empathize with the management philosophy and action guidelines People who have enthusiasm and pride in the work of strategy consultants People who can optimize the necessary information by systematizing their specialized fields As many as possible Able to think about and give shape to the lines and mechanisms that move people Discover the truth of the world, and be interested in those who set things up Have a sense of responsibility to customers and colleagues, and never run away Never give up Have convictions and the ability to test hypotheses Have a flexible listening attitude Always…

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