Company Profile

Company Name Optimizer Inc.
English notation Optimizer Inc.
Head office location Orient Akasaka Motoside Building 2F, 1-1-7 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051
telephone number 03-6821-2080 (representative)
Fax number 03-6626-5730
Established February 15, 2005
Capital 30,000,000 yen (as of April 2017)
number of employees 67 people (whole group)
Company representative Representative Director Shusaku Tagawa

Director Yusuke Sumi

Director Tomoaki Takeuchi

Business content Advertising agency business
Telecommunications business
Energy management business
Digital platform business
General Counsel Member of the Tokyo Bar Association
Tokyo Seiwa Law Office
Katsuhisa Yamaguchi
Consultant tax accountant 辻・本郷 税理士法人

Nagomi Tax Accountant Corporation

Consultant social insurance labor consultant Sato Labor and Social Security Attorney Office
Specified social insurance labor consultant Hirokazu Sato
Judicial scrivener
Administrative scrivener
Kazuki Otsuka Office
Group company Asset Optimizer Inc.
Energy Optimizer Co., Ltd. (Registered Electricity Retailer: Registration No. A0212)
Power Optimizer Inc.(Registered retail electricity supplier: registration number A0211)
Permission number Paid Employment Placement Business License No. 13-Yu-304877
General Worker Dispatch Business Permit No. 13-305776
Telecommunications carrier notification number A-27-14527
適格請求書発行事業者登録番号 T6010401067169
Google LLC
Tsukuba Bank, Ltd.
The Tochigi Bank, Ltd.
Facebook Japan Co., Ltd.
The Musashino Bank, Ltd.
Yahoo Japan Corporation

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