Greetings from the representative

C51E3440We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support.

Since the widespread adoption of the Internet, digital data has been rapidly expanding, and its distribution has also experienced accelerated growth due to the diversification of infrastructure, devices, and content. The Internet is a huge network that connects distributed databases, dynamically connecting content and people. Challenges that were once difficult to solve offline are now undergoing dramatic transformations at a rapid pace, thanks to the latest technologies.




In pursuit of this mission, we will strive to become a group whose personality is evaluated the most in the IT industry. All of our employees will do their best to create new value so that we can be nominated as the No. 1 partner by everyone.
We promise to grow as a company that contributes to the development of society. We appreciate your continued support.


We have introduced a new corporate slogan, "Optimizer with Innovative Experience." Alongside strengthening our organizational foundation, we will enhance our product strengths and launch new services. Additionally, we have numerous seminars, study sessions, events, and more in the pipeline, and we would be delighted if you could join us. As a company leading the digital society, we are committed to realizing "digital twin" and "energy independence."

Optimizer Inc.
Shusaku Tagawa