Marketing policy

The Optimizer has a marketing policy that we have upheld as a venture spirit since our foundation. It is "the pursuit of consumer support rate."

If there is significant "distortion" between consumer needs and market formation, it creates opportunities for advertising and business value. Through proper analysis and implementation of optimization processes, it becomes possible to gain consumer support.

In the increasingly diversified digital society, there are many cases where the environment's changes create gaps between conventional business models, leading to opportunities for new entrants and innovations. The future potential customers become the "subject," while the market and environmental changes become the "variables."

We have created value by becoming collaborators who lead many consumers from "distortion" to their objectives through optimization. This power can be transformed into a positive energy of social contribution and future creation, elevating our identity as partners, regardless of scale.


Optimizer will evolve from performance marketing to comprehensive strategic marketing, and will enhance our partnership with stakeholders. With imaginative and insightful thinking that breaks away from conventional notions, we engage in dialogue with consumers, envisioning the essential ideals faced by society and consumers. We believe it is our mission to create the "desired form" for the present and the future.

Furthermore, in the pursuit of this policy, we uphold the organizational moral perspective of "virtue ethics" rather than merit-based evaluation criteria as a significant principle of our company. The value of "optimization" should never be used as a means for anti-social purposes. As marketing practitioners, we aim to enhance our awareness and contribute to society by serving with a spirit of altruism, working for the benefit of the world and others.